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Easy Way to Remember the Number of Days in Each Month

Published By: lankanmon
On: 25 February 2014 at 9:46pm

Is tomorrow the 31st or the 1st? It is a question that everyone has asked, sometime in their life. This trick will help you remember.

I learned this trick at an early age, by my late grandfather, and have used it on many occasions since.

The Method:

Step one: Make your hand into a fist, so you can clearly see your knuckles.

Step two: Consider that each of the four knuckles (the ridges) are months that have 31 days and all three of spaces in between the knuckles (the valleys) are moths with less than 31 days (i.e. 30 or 29/28 for February)

 Step three: Use your other hand to point to one of the knuckles on the edge of your fist. Identify this as January.

Step Four: Now, move from that point in the direction of your other knuckles, but each time move from the ridge, to a valley, and back to a ridge.

Step Five: As you move, label each ridge and valley as the next month in order.

When following this order, you will need to jump back to the first knuckle after July, and the proceed.


  • First knuckle (on the edge): January (31 days)
  • First valley (space between first and second knuckles): February (28 or 29 days) *Special
  • Second knuckle: March (31 days)
  • Second valley: April (30 days)
  • Third knuckle: May (31 days)
  • Third valley: June (30 days)
  • Fourth knuckle: July (31 days)
  • -- You must jump back to first knuckle or move to other hand to continue --
  • First knuckle (back on the edge): August (31 days)
  • First valley: September (30 days)
  • Second knuckle: October (31 days)
  • Second valley: November (30 days)
  • Third knuckle: December (31 days)

Animated Example

I hope you will find this neat trick as useful as I have. Remember this method and you will never forget how many days are in each month again!





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