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Recovering drive with bad sectors without Formatting on Windows

Published By: lankanmon
On: 22 October 2013 at 3:20am

This will show how to recover a drive without having to reformat the drive with minimal to no data loss.


I have recently had an abrupt shutdown of my mobile phone, and after a restart, my mobile device showed that my microSD card is unreadable and that I needed to Format my card. I took the card out and placed it in my pc, only to find out that my PC states the same thing. I had some very valuable data on my microSD card that I did not have a chance to backup. I knew that a format will make it difficult to recover data. This has happened a few times in my past, with USB drives and HDDs; each time reformatting because I did not know of any other options.

This time, I used a standard Windows command which is available in almost all currently used MS Windows Products.

The command/function to use is:


To Start, on your keyboard, press: Start + R.

In the window that appears, type: cmd and hit Enter.

Once the command prompt opens, type:

chkdsk [volume]: /[switch]

The specific command I used to solve my problem is:

chkdsk F: /r

- The drive with the bad sectors is mounted as Drive F

- The command /r used to tell the system to attempt to fix any bad sectors.


  • -- The content in the bad sectors will be lost, but will help save more than any recovery software after a Format.
  • -- This process will take some time, especially if using /r and it is depended on the size of the drive.
  • -- If you would like to learn more:





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