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How to Write a Persuasive Letter

Published By: SA!NTcharlie
On: 14 September 2013 at 2:16am


The more information that you know about your topic, the better and more effective your letter will be. Review notes that you have taken. Mostly do some hard research!

Consider your reader

To write an effective persuasive letter, you need to get inside yourreader’s mind. Ask yourself what points would be MOST effective in persuading that particular person to take the action you would like. How could the action you choose benefit that person? What concerns might he or she have? Try to look at it from the readers perspective.

Write as if the reader were to be on you side

When writing a persuasive letter, don’t treat the reader like an enemy. Your letter will be much more effective if you assume that you and your reader have the same goals. Then all you have to do is explain how your fabulous idea will help the mayor reach those goals!

Be Polite

Not only is a less-than-polite letter likely to be ignored, it could even work against you! Politness is the key!

These tricks will help you write an amazing and definatly persuasive letter . GOODLUCK (:





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