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Party Games - Part 1

-- How to lead a game in a successful manner.

Different Types of Businesses

-- These are the different types of businesses that can be formed.

Extreme Hair Growth Mask

-- A formula to help you hair grow super long in no time at all. Extend the length of your hair naturally by using only 3 ingredients

A Letter Home from World War 1 (WWI)

-- A creative (mock) letter I wrote home from World War 1. This is an example of a letter from a prison guard writing home to his mom and telling her of how he carried out his duties during WW1.

Introduction to Business

-- An idea of necessary things to know when learning about a business

How to Write a Persuasive Letter

-- This gives you all the components needed to compose a persuasive letter.

10 Interesting Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte

-- These are some interesting facts about Napoleon Bonaparte.

Cool Tricks on Google

-- This is a comprehensive and growing list of neat tricks that you can do on Google and it's services.

Correctly using crypt() with SHA512

-- There are many ways to use crypt() in PHP, but I have found this to be the most useful and practical.

At First Glance – Windows 8 CP

-- This article explores the first impressions of the Windows 8 Experience as viewed from lankanmon's perspective.

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